Scenario Based Self Defence Training

Are you interested in learning a self-defence technique? How about the awesome effectiveness of Krav Maga?

If you’re based in London, Krav Maga Self Defence is keen to help you learn this highly effective form of self-defence. We are based in Central South London and attract people from all over the local area.

Krav Maga is a scenario-based self-defence system that uses a mixture of techniques including those from aikido, judo, boxing and wrestling. It has a philosophy that emphasizes threat neutralisation, simultaneous defence and attack moves, as well as personal safety above all else.

Become fitter, stronger and more flexible.

The name Krav Maga translates as ‘close combat’ in Hebrew. Many high-profile police and military organisations use these self-defence techniques, the most recent addition being the anti-terrorist RAID police unit in France.

Classes usually focus on real-life situations and are extremely efficient for people who need to defend themselves in threatening situations- especially those that include a knife or blunt weapon.

If you’re looking for classes in London, Krav Maga Self Defence can teach you this fast and highly efficient technique.

Krav Maga Self Defence is a true expert in this technique and provides top quality training to ensure you can defend yourself in any situation.

We can teach you the basics in just 90 minutes, introducing you to one of the most powerful forms of self-defence in less than 2 hours. Our experts will also introduce you to UK Law which applies to this type of defence.

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