Scenario Based Self Defence Training


10 Reasons why Krav Maga is best for Children and Teens

Nowadays, smart parents are looking for ways to keep their children safe. Here are ten reasons why, in our opinion, krav maga is the best form of self-defence for children.

4 Benefits of Krav Maga beyond Fighting

Whilst it may seem like martial arts is solely about trying to inflict harm onto others, it’s much more than that.

7 Benefits of Learning Krav Maga Online

Do you know how to handle yourself in an emergency situation? If there’s even a trace of doubt in your mind, it’s time to do something about it.

7 Tips on Starting Krav Maga Training for Beginners

Krav Maga prepares you for anything you might encounter in a real-life fight. As a beginner, here are 7 key things you should know about training before getting started.

Chat with Brixton Radio 30-06-22

Have a listen to our chat with Brixton Radio about all things Krav! https://www.mixcloud.com/brixtonradiolive/interview-w-brixton-krav-maga-300622/

Do You Know How to Defend Yourself from a Knife Threat or Attack?

When your assailant has a knife, there is a high likelihood that you could get seriously injured or worse. What happens if you get caught up in such a scenario? Would you know what to do?

Fancy learning martial arts in london?

Krav Maga Self Defence are keen to help you learn this highly effective form of self-defence. We are based in Central South London with students from all over.

Fitness Training for Krav Maga – Intensity and Performance

The right intensity can help you get the most out of your Krav Maga training — and make sure you’re not pushing too hard or too little.

How Fit Do You Have To Be To Start Krav Maga?

Many people worry about whether they have the fitness levels required to start Krav Maga. In fact, almost everyone is fit enough to start, there is no pre-determined level of fitness you need to begin.

How is Krav Maga Unique among the Combative Arts?

Krav Maga is often promoted as ‘the most effective self-defence system in the world’. What makes Krav Maga different? Why has the world not seen a combative system like it before?

Is it possible to Learn Krav Maga Online?

If you want to truly master krav maga you will have to face living opponents as a part of your training. But there is a lot you can learn on your own before.

Krav Maga is the Most Effective Self Defence System in the World

Fact or Fiction? We look at techniques, training, philosophy and the structure of Krav Maga for evidence to back up or refute these claims.

Krav Maga Seems Tough – And I'm Unfit!

krav maga may be tough, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be accommodating, supportive and inclusive.

Learn One of the Best Martial Arts in London

Krav Maga is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of self-defence based martial arts in the world. Come along to our friendly London classes.

Learn Self Defence With Our Krav Maga Courses In Brixton

Krav Maga has been steadily growing in popularity for many years. If you’re looking for a top London instructor you can’t go wrong with Krav Maga Self Defence.

Online Self Defence

Self-defence classes focus on protection from physical threats but in today’s world, we are as likely to encounter online threats which can can cause lasting mental, emotional and even physical damage.

Self Defence Training In London

Krav Maga is one of the most lethal and the most practical of self-defence techniques. There’s no better way to protect yourself when walking the streets of London.

5 steps to de-escalate a situation with situational awareness

Effective situational awareness is the balance between conscious attention to our surroundings and our natural instinct for danger.

The Benefits for Children of Learning Krav Maga

Krav Maga training teaches kids how to direct their energy in a positive way, develop the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, while making them more self-aware.

The Difference Between Self Defence and Martial Arts

Krav Maga can be described as a martial art yet its focus is on equipping students to deal with real threats. So what is the difference between a martial art and a self-defence system?

The Question of Violence – How to Minimise Risk on the Street

When it comes to bullying and being attacked or mugged on the street, confidence (or the appearance of) is really important.

To Fight or Run, or Fight AND Run – That is the Question!

Effective self-defence training empowers us with simple to use techniques that we can deploy without thought.

Using Krav Maga in an Emergency

Have you ever experienced a real emergency? Emergencies come in different guises but they are unmistakeable once you’re in the middle of one.

What is Krav Maga, why does it work and how do we use it?

Krav Maga is a physical tool box specifically designed for the purpose of self defence. Read the article for the in depth explanation.

What Is Krav Maga? Here’s What You Need to Know

Heard of Krav Maga? Not sure what it is, but want to learn? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will answer the question of “What is Krav Maga?” and cover some lesser-known points of interest.

Why more Women are learning Krav Maga

From improving physical health, building confidence to learning self-defence techniques, it’s no surprise that more and more women are taking up Krav Maga training.