Scenario Based Self Defence Training

See some articles that have been written about us, or listen to the interviews to find out more about what makes Brixton Krav Maga tick….

This article where I was interviewed by the SW Londoner was primarily about our intro sessions and provides some nice information about what we do and how we do it.


This is an open interview with Brixton Radio where I was asked all sorts of questions about Krav Maga, everything from history to mental health, club cameraderie, creating communities and much more!



We had a short article in the Brixton Bugle (the paper version of brixtonblog.com).

The interview with Psychreg was primarily about the positive effects on mental health that training in Krav Maga can bring. Dennis Relojo-Howell as the host wanted to know how martial arts training could affect peoples general ‘wellness’.


Click below for the video


Sadly, as it was a live show, you can’t hear it! But I can promise you that I was there and I talked about Krav.