Scenario Based Self Defence Training

Club Instructors

Ian Crowe

Simple and accessible to everyone regardless of your fitness level. I did Judo and Karate when I was younger but always found it lacked application to real life situations. In 2016 I had my first Krav Maga lesson in Paris with Patrick Hadjedj and I’ve never looked back. The techniques…

John-Louis Riccardi

Krav is more than just self defence, it is self improvement. Learning that there’s always something we can do to move forward. I’ve studied Krav for 12 years now! I love it and it is a really important part of my life. I’d always been interested in martial arts and…

Lillian Auma

Learn self defense to develop resilience, environmental awareness and self preservation in threatening situations Krav Maga is great fun, it keeps me mentally and physically fit. I have become part of the Krav Maga family, we train hard but socially integrate to develop a community passionate about Krav Maga. Why?…