Scenario Based Self Defence Training

Krav is more than just self defence, it is self improvement. Learning that there’s always something we can do to move forward.

I’ve studied Krav for 12 years now! I love it and it is a really important part of my life.

I’d always been interested in martial arts and after training a bit of boxing wanted to expand it into more self defence training.

Unfortunately I had a bit of a life changing ski accident back in 2017. It turns out you are not supposed to cartwheel down a mountain! I smashed my right knee in to many pieces, suffering a complex tibial plateau fracture, I was facing permanent disability and a possible amputation. After a 3rd miracle surgery reconstructing my knee using some of my hip, the goal was to retain basic daily function.

However, with the endless support of my physio, my Krav instructors and my ever patient training buddies, I worked endlessly to be able step back in to the Krav class again and practice once more. I can’t lie and say it was easy. But Krav Maga is about what you can do, not what you cannot.

We adapt to whatever circumstances we are faced with. Krav teaches you that no matter what, there is “always” something that you can do ;)