Scenario Based Self Defence Training

Everyone should learn Krav Maga: it improves the physical and mental well-being, and it teaches useful transferrable skills too!

I started learning Krav Maga to be able to protect myself. I saw a video of a young woman standing up to two male bullies with very simple self defence techniques and it amazed me, I wanted to learn this.

Although I started Krav Maga for practical reasons, it eventually shaped my way of thinking and problem solving. It certainly helps to become stronger not only physically but mentally too.

Since Krav Maga is fast, simple and effective it helps to build the confidence, and skills to everyone with enough practice and patience.

I find that the principles of Krav Maga are transferrable even in the daily activities – various issues, tasks and deadlines could be attacking from the most unexpected angles and it’s useful to be mentally ready, confident, agile and never giving up.